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This is a community to reminisce about the old days on the Star Wars Chicks mailing list, when we'd have 250 messages a day on the slow days. It was a time of strife and a time of unity. It was a time of insanity and a time of leaning on each other for support.

Most of all, it was a time of food fights and club houses and kidnapping the couch for ransom.

If you remember those bygone days, or just happen to be a Star Wars Chick and were unlucky enough to miss out on the epic battles, come on in. Check your lightsabers at the door. And don't steal the couch.

At the moment, we're just an unofficial little group, unaffiliated with the Star Wars Chicks web site and only members or former members of the Star Wars Chicks mailing list. If you were hoping to get in touch with any of the site's admins, LJ might not be your best bet. We're just in it for the nostalgia, thanks.


1. No flames.
2. Be nice.
3. Have fun.

Other rules will be added as needed.